[DayZ] Extending base validity

[FAQ] How to extend time of the base ?


Buying and extension of the base are two different things. You can extend only that base which has been bought earlier.

Price-list below concern only extension of the existing base.


Available paymentes: PayPal / Bank transfer / PSC


Instruction of extend time of the base.


1. Before you will pay, read our offer-> Price list

2. Then choose the base, which interests you and then pay for it.

3. Choose the number of days by which you want to extend the base.

4. After payment write new topic and wait for payment acceptance by the administration.






1. Title of your payment must be the same as your nickname on the forum.

2. In case of PSC payment please contact only with @Heisenberg.

3. There is possibility to enlarge size of the base  - please contact with @Heisenberg

4. In case of questions about other methods of payment write to the fragujemy.com owner - @Nesty

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